It's hard for me to talk about Jane and Isaac without gushing with clichés. Spend even 15 minutes with both of them together in a room and you will come out of there more in love with life, and more in love with your significant other than when you arrived. Both of them exude a quiet charm and an obvious and infectious lust for life.

Music is the language of emotion. Professional musicians, especially classical musicians (both Jane and Isaac play for the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra), are generally much more in tune with their emotional selves. You can see that when you watch this movie. They can just lay themselves wide open in a way that very few people can. It makes for deeper, more honest relationships and that in turn makes for an amazing cinematic story.

Thanks go to Debbie from Glamorous Occasions for coordinating the day and bringing us on board, The fort Garry  for a great reception and Noella from This Sweet Love photography for being so much fun to work with all day! 

I also grabbed a couple of my favourite frames from the video for you to check out and share...