This was a shorter day than we usually do. That said, it was fun filled from start to finish! It threatened rain all day but it stayed dry at exactly the right times so we could shoot outside. Love it when that happens.

A shout-out to Fache Forward Designs for the florals and the Radisson Downtown for the best meal of the year. (We pretty much never get to eat at the reception. There is always more detail to shoot or more gear to be prepped for the shoot but the service and food at this reception was worth remarking about).

The Catholic priest's homily was definitely a highlight for me. It is almost never that you get a priest with so much personality and charisma. I am sure you have had to sit through an hour long wedding service and struggled to keep your eyes open... even if you were the bride! This service was fun and funny and informative too! He definitely has the gift of the gab. Unlike me... so here is the movie!