It threatened rain all day. Thankfully Heidi and Chen are the type of couple who make excellent plans. Plan A was having an outdoor ceremony at the Forks. Plan B, which turned out fantastically, was "the building with the periodic table on it, down town on portage"... I still don't know it's real name since Chen's description is pretty much perfect!

One of my favourite things about this celebration was the mix of cultures. It's not every day that you get to shoot a tea ceremony and a prosperity dance in one day. The food at Kum Koon Garden took me right back to my days living in Taiwan. A Chinese feast! I was actually only supposed to make a 3 minute highlights movie for this wedding but there was just too much great footage to keep it that short! 

It was a real pleasure working with Melissa Johnstone from Sugar and Soul Photography on this shoot too. Check out the amazing photos on her blog here. Thanks again for letting us use your backdrop for the Same Day Edit... Which you can check out at the bottom of this blog post after a couple of still frames of my favourite moments from the movie!

Heidi & Chen, it was a pleasure to be part of your big day. We had a blast. I hope that when you share this movie with your kids and your grandchildren one day, you are just as in love with each other then as you were the day you made these vows...