There was laughter. There were tears. Most of all there was a whole lot of fun.

I learned the Thavisone family recipe for egg salad sandwiches. I found out that the bride went to the same school as my wife did and that the MOH (Maid of Honour) was the sister of my poker buddy's wife. That's Winnipeg. Well, actually, that's Morden for you! (That's where everybody was from, originally!)

It was fantastic working on a wedding planned by Tammy from Divine Weddings. Smooth as silk. The Fort Garry reception room that she put together was understated and charming, just like the couple! And the florals were done my my good friend Peggy from the Little Flower Shop. Gorgeous.

Congrats again Somsamay and Jason. It was great to share the day with you and I hope the movie brings back all those great memories for you for years to come.

If you enjoyed this short cinematic feature and want something similar for your wedding, best visit the contact page today. 2014 is almost fully booked and 2015 is getting that way too. We would love to have you over for coffee to hear about your plans!