I am always looking for new and interesting ways to shoot video during the "photoshoot" part of the wedding. I prefer to refer to it as the "let's have fun and try stuff" part of the day. It's the one chance we as cinematographers get to actually experiment during a wedding. The rest of the day is stacked with unmissable, one take and its all over, type moments that you don't really want to try stuff out on. You have to nail those shots 100% of the time. No room for error. No take 2. During the part of the day between the ceremony and the reception we get to let our creative juices flow. We get to pose you. We get to experiment and sometimes we even get enough time to shoot something twice.

This was an interesting little move that will be part of the cinematic feature for cristylee and Darryl's video a few months from now. I just wanted to share a little teaser of it now. It's a first attempt at the technique, but I think you can see where I am going with this. Thanks to the wedding party for playing my game!