It's no secret that East Indian weddings are my favourite. It's the colours, the different traditions and the scale of the receptions that provide so much opportunity for us to be creative film makers. It also helps when the couple is as wonderful as Manpreet and Komal were all week. 

The NDE (Next day Edit) is just a little taste of all the events that take place during the week. For this edit, I found it really difficult to keep it short. At 9 minutes, it's still pretty long for this type of edit but I could have made it 15 minutes with all the fantastic footage that came in from all my different shooters. I only wish I could show you guys the footage we captured at the reception now too. (You're just going to have to wait for the the cinematic feature film!). Let me just say,  Events by Emma knocked it out of the park. It was, in a word, breathtaking.

So, without further ado:

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