OK, I admit it. Sometimes this job is more fun than actual work. When you have a couple who are this much fun to be around, and a bunch of friends who put the "party" in wedding party... the results speak for themselves.

 Stephanie and Ian wrote their own vows. I love this because it's a window into who they are as people and as a couple. And Jeanette Bridget put together a fantastic ceremony that incorporated both the Jewish and Viking elements just beautifully. But the thing I found most touching about this whole experience was the letter Steph's mom wrote and kept with her wedding dress (which Steph ultimately ended up not wearing) when her daughter was just 2. Just a perfect treasure to find on your wedding day for a young bride about to take the leap of faith. This should be a thing. If you're a past, present or future bride with a daughter, get on that right now! 

But first watch this video...