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Lifestyle Video

There are some stunning homes being built in Winnipeg. I have the great pleasure of shooting many of them. Every so often I get to do what I call a Lifestyle Video Showcase for a realtor who really understands how powerful a medium video is in attracting the right sort of clients. We put together a couple of crew and actors and showcase what it's like to actually use the space in these beautiful houses. It brings a bit of personality to what can be quite a dry subject.  

Buyers LOVE them because they can get a feel for how the house flows from space to space. Sellers love them because they showcase the amazing house to buyers in an interesting and unique way. Realtors love them because they result in more calls and more business. 

Check out this video. Share it with anyone you know in real estate and visit the contact page to find out more. 

PS... A big thank you to my 2 actors on this one. See if you can recognise them. Leave a comment! 




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